topmost profitable sector. The mobile penetration to the remotest villages in the world has made online stores more lucrative.


With everything going automated, the IT service industry has been growing by leaps and bounds. Why not? Have a glance at the IT industry statistics and you will precisely know why the IT industry is the best bet for a business startup idea-

  • The Indian IT industry generated revenue of close to 180 billion dollars in 2019.
  • The IT industry in India has contributed about 8% to the GDP of the nation.
  • There are about 20-25 million e-commerce sites online worldwide.
  • By the year 2021, e-commerce is expected to generate $4.5 trillion in sales per year.
  • By the year 2040, almost 95% of all the purchases will be made online through e-commerce sites.
  • Around 57% of online shoppers buy from overseas retailers.

Keeping the growing need for efficient IT services in mind, Daddys Code was started as a brand of Shukul Infotech. Shukul Infotech was initially conceptualized to complete the in-house projects of Shukul Group Of Companies. Gradually, it started taking in more coders and developed infrastructure and team thus graduating to the brand Daddys Code and is now the best IT solution provider in town.

Daddys Code- 360° IT Solution Provider

Daddys Code, has pioneered e-commerce and direct selling website/mobile app design and development. It also provides graphic designing and digital marketing services. Over a few years, it has built its reputation as being one of the efficient, affordable and best IT companies in Surat.

Daddys Code- Led By Mr. Devesh Tiwari under the tutelage of Mr. Munna Shukul

Daddys Code is headed by Mr. Devesh Tiwari, one of the managing directors of Shukul Group Of Companies. He has been the backbone of the company constantly pushing the team to achieve the best results. He has been ably guided by Mr. Munna Shukul, the founder of Shukul Group Of Companies. Under his direction, Daddys Code has been at the forefront of providing affordable and efficient IT services thus pushing it to be at the top of the IT companies list in Surat.

Daddys Code- Services Provided

Daddys Code has designed and developed numerous high-quality websites and mobile apps both in-house and for its clients.

1. Website Design & Development- Daddys Code provides custom web application designing and development services to companies who want to get their business online. It designs responsive e-commerce websites using advanced technologies to create delightful shopping experiences for the customers.

2. Mobile App Design & Development- Daddys Code provides mobile app development services for its clients worldwide so that the mobile apps help them to draw customers and make business sales. It is the best MLM website/mobile app design and development agency in Surat that helps businesses to easily manage their downline sales and payouts.

3. Graphics Design- The graphic designers at Daddys Code create powerful design solutions for clients and provide holistic graphic services ranging from poster designs, video creation, banners, business brochures to card designs.

4. Digital Marketing- Daddys Code is the finest digital marketing agency in Surat that provides a host of services like social media marketing, SMS marketing, paid online ads, content creation, mobile app optimization, website upgrades and SEO services.

Portfolio at Daddys Code

Daddys Code has completed a diverse client portfolio ranging from designing & developing websites for financial institutions to e-commerce, real estate and travel companies. It handles digital marketing of various enterprises and has designed websites for various overseas clients. It has designed MLM websites for various companies like product selling, investments and so on.

Daddys Code- Future Plans

Daddys Code has steadfastly earned name and fame as the best IT company in Surat. It is continuously adding clients and the requisite manpower to make it one of the most sought-after IT companies globally. In its pursuit of excellence, it has made roadmaps and strategies to deal with new clients and offer them IT services integrating the latest technologies.