Good investment decisions are not a one-time process. It is a continuous learning graph and one can expertly manage investment decisions based on trials, learning and experience. What is needed is smart investing and that results in good profits.

Let us see the financial products widely available for an interested investor and how safe or profitable are these for returns on investment.

Mutual Funds- This area is best suited for passive investors. It only requires periodic monitoring. But it is a myth that mutual fund investments are safe. Mutual Funds do generate negative ROI. Investing through SIP does not guarantee you high or averaged out returns unless you know when to start investing in the MF and when to exit.

Real Estate- In real estate, like any other financial tool, the entry is very important. You have to be able to identify the upcoming markets and the future high-demand areas if you are to make a profit in it. If your timing is wrong in real estate investment, it will severely impact your returns. In addition to it, managing your real estate investment is challenging. Investing in real estate just to lease it out and get returns is a bad strategy because it will never give you adequate ROI.

Insurance- If an insurance agent has tricked you into buying endowment plans, money-back policies or whole life plans, know that you have been duped in the name of savings and investments. A term insurance along with health insurance, accident & critical illness insurance is all that you need to serve the purpose. Remember, insurance is not an investment tool.

Fixed Deposit- Fixed deposit is the most trusted tool of investment from generations. But just like the equities, it is also not safe. The bank gives security of only up to 1 lakh. The interest earned on a fixed deposit is too little to beat inflation.

Government securities & bonds- The government securities and bonds give you a very low interest that is not enough to beat the rising cost of inflation.

Equities- The holy grail of making good profits, it comes with a lot of attached risks. There are many who have made enormous profits while some people’s entire money has been wiped out in a matter of seconds. Investing in equity is good when you have a fairly good market knowledge and you have to regularly monitor the investment. But no one has been able to accurately predict the market trends and thus have burnt their fingers while investing in equities.

The question now arises- How do we invest in equities passively and let others manage it for us?

Shukul Advisory, a sister concern of Shukul Group Of Companies, has the best and secure financial investment product that helps you to maximize your profit without you having to directly invest in equities.

Dailyget Unit Plan- The Dailyget Unit Plan is an investment tool that pays you daily profits. The entry criterion is low so that everyone can take advantage of it. Dailyget also allows withdrawal of the profit amount at any time, from anywhere through the responsive user-friendly app. The amount is credited within 24 hours of the withdrawal request. For those wanting to invest in equities but not having enough knowledge of it, Dailyget is the best bet to invest and gain maximum profits from it.

Dailyget Unit Plan- The Right Investment For Your Money

Dailyget Unit Plan from the stable of Shukul Advisory is a safe and secure investment to get daily maximum profits. The investment is converted into units. Through the DailygetPlan mobile app, investors can check their daily profit status and add their profit withdrawal request. Shukul Advisory provides excellent customer support to solve all the investor queries.

All-in-all, Dailyget Plan is the best for people who want a steady profit for their investment.